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Most of my films can be found on my Youtube here.

Below is a collection of my work with a few words about them.

Little Boxes (2018) - This is my most successful short film being nominated for and winning multiple awards. This is first major narrative project I really took the lead on, I did the writing, directing and co-edited. The main drive was make visual homage to my favourite painter Piet Mondrian and test if his style could be adapted to the moving image.

Jamie Lenman//Bones (2018) - Whilst this a fan video, it still brings me joy to watch. We decided to go heavy on the David Lynch influence on this especially in my directing and editing.

Arcade (2015) - This was my graduating film which I cowrote and shot. This was the first proper film that I did the cinematography for. The director wanted this handheld 'Lost in Translation' vibe and I think I got pretty close. 

Dark Necessities//RHCP (2016) - Another fan video. We had a drone and three days of sunshine. Lots of little nice sneaky edit tricks in the video.

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